Vancouver Golden Panthers

Panthers Prep 


The Panthers Prep are the Lower Mainlands Elite Prep Tier 1 Development team’s hosting U13 2009/2010 AAA Prep, U15 2007/2008 AAA Prep , U16 2006 AAA Prep , U18 2004/2005 AAA Prep based out of the Scotia Barn Burnaby, British Columbia. The Panthers are an elite tournament/academy team that will begin in early September and will consist of elite level practices weekly, Friday to Sunday. The team will be competing in 40 AAA/Prep level scouted games which includes tournaments and showcases.

All player stats will be added on the team website for scouting purposes. Tournament exposure gives our players the strongest opportunity to be looked at by scouts all over BC and out of the country. Our primary focus is to prepare players and get them signed into the Western Hockey League, as well as provide NCAA scholarship opportunities.

High Performance On Ice Development 

The Panthers Prep program takes tremendous pride with their on ice development. The program is designed to push players to their maximal potential through mentorship, experience, and leadership. If selected, all players will be put through high intensive junior level training, and on ice conditioning. Each development practice will include dynamic game type situations, team systems, and individual player development. All team practices will take place from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Coaches will assess player weaknesses and focus on them to improve all aspects of their game. Players and parents will receive monthly assessment reports based on practices and games throughout the month that will need to be signed and sent back.

Off Ice Development 

Off ice is a major part in today’s game and this will strongly be focused on. Twice a week the team will workout in our team’s gym. The Panthers strongly focus on hockey specific weight training, high intensity circuit training , interval bike training and various core and stretching exercises. Timed runs/races will be done and improvement in time will be expected throughout the course of the season. A customized nutrition/meal plan will be given to all players which will be expected to follow.

Video sessions 

The Panthers Prep program believes it is crucially important to see game play visually in order for players to fully understand where to be in all aspects of the game. Each game will be video recorded in high quality. The team will be brought to our team office the following day where staff will go over full coverage of the game and where corrections can be made.

Player Stats/Profile 

Players will receive their own player profile which will hold accurate results of player/goalie stats. Stats will only be posted based on official game sheets. Individual photos will be taken for all player profiles at the beginning of the season.

Goalie Coaching 

A professional goalie coach will be brought in to work with both goaltenders. Goaltenders will get the opportunity to work on goalie specific training and drills to improve their game to the next level which also includes specific skating techniques.

Skating classes 

The Vancouver Golden Panthers organization takes tremendous pride in its on ice skating sessions. Each skating class is designed to push players to the maximal level required to be successful. These intensive classes focus on stride , edge work , agility , speed , and strengh. Players are guaranteed to develop through these sessions.


Players will have the opportunity to travel to the States to play American teams.

Training Schedule 

Friday Evening- Team systems/development practice. (75 minutes) Video following practice.

Saturday Morning- (individual skills/development) 75 minutes. Players will head immediately upstairs to our training facility for a 1 hour workout. Video will follow after dryland.

Sunday Morning- 75 minute skating practice. Skating coaches will be brought in to work on specific skating techniques to help improve all players to the highest level. Players will head immediately go to our dryland facility to workout.

Weekly games to follow on non training days.


The Panthers Prep program was created to give younger players the professional hockey experience and training they would not receive from other associations. This program is designed to give players the strongest opportunity to excel and improve in their game. The Panthers believe that these age groups are pivotal for development and exposure, which is why both areas will be strongly focused on. Phone calls , emails, and video footage will be sent out to scouts throughout the season to give our players the strongest exposure possible. With 225 minutes of ice time a week, highly competitive dryland classes, AAA showcases/ tournaments, play by play video analysis, and professional level coaching, each player will be given the opportunity to succeed to their full potential.

Total Cost $9500 plus GST.